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Style Name: Men's Oxford, straight toe cap
created by: romango
Source: Koleff
Base Style: The Koleff STANDARD for Men's Shoes
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curved line example

Base style: The Koleff STANDARD for Men's Shoes show operations
36.0 Place point K1 on line J-K at 1/4 of J-K from K
37.0 Draw solid line between K1 and J1
38.0 Place point D1 on line K1-J1 at 1/2 of K1-J1 from J1
39.0 Place point D2 on line D1-J1 at 0.5 cm from D1
40.0 Draw solid line between J3 and D2
41.0 Place point E2 on line E-H1 at 0.5 cm from E
42.0 Place point J4 on line J1-J3 at 1/2 of J1-J3 from J1
43.0 Place point E3 on line E-E1 at J1-J3 from E1
44.0 Draw solid line between E2 and E3
45.0 Draw solid line between E3 and J4
46.0 Place point M on line B1-J1 at 1/3 of B1-J1 from J1
47.0 Place point M1 on line B1-M at 1.0 cm from M
48.0 Draw line at a -97.0 angle from point M1 on line B1-J1 until it intersects with line B-J, label end point M2
49.0 Place point M3 on line M1-M2 at 1/3 of M1-M2 from M1
50.0 Place point M4 on line M1-M2 at 1/3 of M1-M2 from M2
51.0 Place point E4 on line E-E1 at 0.5 cm from E
52.0 Draw dashed line between J1 and E4
53.0 Place point C2 on line C1-H at 2/7 of C1-H from C1
54.0 Place point D3 on line K1-D1 at 1/2 of K1-D1 from K1
55.0 Draw solid line between C2 and D3
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by Rick Roman